Quality Engineering Manager

Dear Medtronic

I’m currently working at Medtronic Spinal Biologics as a Consulting Project Manager of Validations of Measurement Systems. During my time in Medtronic, I have successfully spearheaded and completed several business critical system validations key to the Quality Control and Meteorology departments. My management style is 80% hands on during the start of a project and 25% supervision once a process is established and being improved.
I have been working in management for the past 4 years, this has allowed me to formalize my approach towards “effective” project management. In the Field of Quality, I strive for continual improvement and prefer to “get things right on first try”. This approach has greatly helped me in audits whereby my work has stood scrutiny with little findings. I have gotten very familiar with the way things are done at Medtronic, and I hope I can bring this knowledge to the Quality Manager position.

Sincerely, Kofi Ewusi
Corona, CA

This example was posted: 12/28/2009 2:00:55 PM EST

How much value can be attributed to an individual who has had more Project vs. People management experience(i.e. I’ve managed people only as it relates to projects but not in the administrative / employee development role)?

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