Quality Control, Maintenance Management Or Tool & Die

Dear Sir:

My name is Wolfgang Brede; I am interested in working in Supervision. The arena I feel best suited for are Tool & Die, Quality Control or Maintenance Management. I retired from Ford January 1, 2008.
I was employed by Ford Motor Company for the past 37 years in a variety of capacities, I will try to summarize the most challenging tasks. I began with Ford as a Tool & Die Repairman, All Around Machinist, Die Maker, Working in 2500 Ton Mechanical and Hydraulic Presses, Transfer Presses, and Hydraulic sub assembly fixtures. After 10 Years of being directly on the production floor I became the Quick Die Change Coordinator (Hit to Hit) and worked in that capacity for 5 Years. I was asked to become the TPM Maintenance Coordinator for the plant because of my knowledge of the inner workings of the various department and my computer skills. I held that position for 5 years.
I began working for the IT department during the Plants first Maintenance system conversion, there were (3) altogether, the last conversion was to Maximo. I spent much of my time as a backup person for the computer room (Systems Admin), hands on tutor to new Systems Users and also as a Application Developer with Networked solutions, developed in-house with Microsoft Access or SQL-Plus and others as we began migrating to web developed solutions. Many of these applications were to support Quality Control and plant communications. The Major applications were Weld Check, Tool & Die Maintenance Sub-System and Shut Down Maintenance planning a project management tool. There were 41 apps. developed over 15 years, all able to communicate with one another through common “Keys”.
Garrettsville, Ohio

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