Public Relations Account Supervisor

To Whom It May Concern:

For nearly ten years I have serviced luxury clients with their public relations and marketing needs. My expertise lies within the food and beverage, fashion, hospitality, and entertainment industries, where I cultivated a passion for each of them. Working in these arenas afforded me the opportunity to work with renowned chefs from around the globe, world-class boutique hotels and resorts, prominent designers, and consumer brands.
The skills I have honed at Corbin-Hillman Communications align well with your firm’s service offering. I can add value to your company by bringing a fresh perspective and using my expertise in reaching top media as well as corporate decision makers and other thought leaders with messages that will help your clients achieve their business objectives.
I have had the opportunity to cultivate solid relationships with many journalists in top national print, broadcast and online media as well as with clients and other associates. Naturally, these existing relationships will continue to be important throughout my career but more importantly, they show that I possess the skills and personality to easily reach out and make new contacts.
Warm Regards,
New York, NY

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