Program manager, Director,PMO

To whom it may concern:

My name is Joe Rosenthal and I am very interested in the Program Management Position you are advertising for.
My experiences include a position as a Sr. Program Manager over Strategic Accounts with NCR and a position as a Program Management Office (PMO) Manager with Computer Sciences Corporation on the United Technologies Account.
In all of my experiences I have had full responsibility of the program initiatives, which have typically included infrastructure and application development/deployment, full budget and personnel responsibility.
Branford Ct

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I wish they gave more optioins than just good or bad. The end of the first sentence should read 'for which you are hiring.' While many people are no longer concerned about ending a sentence with a preposition, it does sound less professional.

You might consider reworking the second and third paragraph to read something like . .

In positions as (blah) and (blah) I held full responsibility for program initiatives. This included . . . .

I think this would be more easily read and stronger.

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