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Dear Hiring Executive:

You will be pleased, I think, at the prospect of recruiting a very well-qualified and high-performing professional for a position in your open role as a/an Job Title.

Working as an electrical engineer engaged in program or project management, I deliver technical and business solutions that drive successful operations through innovation, teamwork, and communication. This has held true in positions involving aviation / aerospace, electronics, electrical systems, IT / information technology, and telecommunications.

As you can see by reading the enclosed résumé, I offer more than 20 years of successful, diverse and progressive experience in a variety of government and military workplaces. With experience managing complex technology programs and initiatives for the Federal Aviation Administration and the military, I have led major systems engineering initiatives involving high-end technology. In summary, I would bring a wealth of expertise to your team.

Throughout my career I have been the driving force behind development and delivery of major systems engineering projects, spanning everything from internal productivity tools to cutting-edge aviation technologies. My knowledge spans everything from requirements management, scope, and design planning through key project management methodologies, budgeting, contracts, and change management. I especially excel at resolving problems, whether eliminating costly inefficiencies or resolving conflicts in program objectives and activities. My overall management abilities allow me to plan objectives, determine strategies and implement methods; direct teams, organize work, and coordinate efforts; and evaluate results of programs, projects and policies. In addition, I have demonstrated exceptional leadership throughout matrixed organizational hierarchies.

Please take a moment now to read my résumé to see how my experience, enthusiasm and education can help you and your organization achieve your management objectives. If you have any questions, please call me at home.

Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

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