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The economy has always had immense impacts on a company, whether positive or negative, depending how the company has sheltered itself to weather the type of storm the economy throws. This is why a flexible, tactical and strategic thinking manager is important to a company. A manager who has the experience and proven record to bring departments to success and improve the morale of the employees who has the ability to understand the processes and look for opportunities to forge the company ever so forward in maintaining a future.
Have held a wide range of manufacturing responsibilities during my career; am multilingual, very resourceful and with proven results to take on any manufacturing responsibility worldwide. Even though, held various positions in the past nine years, hired to turn the departments around of which I did successfully in quality, production, customer satisfaction and reliability; however, to no avail as was hired too late to save the departments. Company Vice Presidents gave me a good compensation package for trying to save the departments, and for not knowing about me sooner.
The following are my strengths and skills that have led to succeed in the companies worked: • technical and operations consultant in Japan, Korea, Italy • Experienced in coaching, mentoring, and supervising diverse employees and building teams to success • P&L experience • ability to find hidden capacity • have worked with vendors to improve their incoming quality through audits • ISO internal auditor • workforce efficiency and performance where increased throughput and quality • have implemented equipment and process improvements by utilizing continuous improvement methodologies • have given presentations of American and Japanese differences in Quality Control in Japan, Korea and in Italy • 6 Sigma Green Belt, Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen and 5S • every company worked have made positive improvements where got promoted and recognized for the accomplishments helping promote my managers
Dallas, TX

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First paragraph is horrible!!! Sounds more like the beginning of a book. Secondly, lots of grammatical errors. Need to utilize a "grammar check" tool.
Would not consider this candidate for a professional position due to the grammar issues.

Anonymous reviewed this cover letter on Dec 29 09 at 1:54 pm

Agreed, that first paragraph is a little pretentious. Not a good look. But at the same time its unique, which is good. Try and be unique with something else.

Anonymous reviewed this cover letter on Dec 29 09 at 4:55 pm

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