Private Sector Development

I would like to apply for the Private Sector Development position.

I have over seven years multi-industry project management experience involving delivery of business development and training services to agri-business SMEs in several African countries. This experience included the acquisition of grants from and management of same from USAID missions.
I have “hands on” Private Sector Development experience in Africa. As Managing Director of Botswanacraft Marketing Co., the handicraft development agency of the Republic of Botswana, I managed a 22 person operation, with a headquarters, 3 retail outlets 7 buyers¸ and export operation selling products to customers in 13 countries. As a result, the income received by the 8000 craft suppliers rose 25% over three years during my tenure at Botswanacraft.

Also, I have in-house USAID, Office of Economic Growth experience, Kabul, Afghanistan, during which I generated over 25 Million USD in trade and investment in mostly agricultural SMEs. I was the USAID embedded Senior Trade and Investment Advisor to the Afghan Investment Support Agency, Kabul, For this, I received USAID’s Superior Honor Award from Amb. Karl Eikenberry and the Meritorious Honor Award from Administrator Shah.
During my work in agricultural development in Botswana, Uganda and Afghanistan, I worked closely with USAID, host country government departments and local NGOs to create private-public sector partnerships to develop and speed effective project implementation.

My connections to the export market for processed agricultural products, in particular, is strong, by virtue of establishing US distribution firms for the purchase and sale of Afghan fruit juice products in the USA and Central Asia.

Regarding Uganda, I was instrumental in creating a distribution system for 2.5 million USD in agricultural inputs for the farmers there, in a post-conflict environment.

As to Botswana, I assisted local entrepreneurs establish grain milling, meat processing, leather production & marketing and beekeeping operations.
I also served as a Senior Consultant, responsible for evaluating USAID’s 300 million USD Alternative Livelihoods project, in 2007, Afghanistan. Report available on request.

I look forward to meeting with you and your team to discuss further how I may assist to further advance the fine efforts of your Corporation in stimulating Private Sector Development.

All the best,

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