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Dear Ms DuBosque,

Please allow me to submit this cover letter summarizing some of the key elements of my qualifications as outlined in my resume.
I am a Senior Operations Leader with extensive experience in all phases of operations, supply chain management, sales, HR, and product development. I have a proven record of success in contributing to increased revenues, reduced costs, and improved profits. My expertise also includes safety and quality process training, lean manufacturing, kaizen and 5 S implementation, and leadership development and training. I am a dynamic, hands-on leader, oriented toward results and the success of the team. This experience is backed up with a degree in Organizational Leadership and Supervision from Purdue University.
I ensure that the mission and goals of the organization are communicated clearly and concisely throughout the organization so that each business unit understands exactly how their teams contribute to and impact the success of the organization. I operate with an open door policy, hold my direct reports to the same standard, and work to develop an environment based on trust. I have had formal training in the development and implementation of high performing teams. I listen. I work diligently to encourage consensus decision making whenever possible. I believe in building and embracing effective lines of communication between the regional facility and the corporate offices. I also understand the benefit of communicating with other regional facilities to ensure that best practices throughout the organization are communicated and implemented.
Thank you in advance for your consideration. Best regards,
Riverside, CA

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