Position of Transport Driver

Dear Sir/Madam:

I would be honored to serve in the position of a transportation truck driver in partnership with your firm and contribute to a company’s outstanding reputation of thoroughness, reliability, as well as exceptional customer care. As you will note, I have demonstrated my ability to effectively perform all the responsibilities demanded of a skilled transport driver.
My skills include: understanding the scope of the job at hand, time management, implementing cost control measures where applicable, demonstrating quality in workmanship, effective team verbal and written communication, risk management, and driving merchandise both inter-state & within California to deliver a variety of goods in a very timely manner. Each position required proper lift of products, load- unload of merchandise, perform truck maintenance, keeping accurate truck mileage & maintenance record, and organizing schedules exercising time management skills.
As I’m sure you’ll agree, customer satisfaction and the maintenance of your company’s goal of outstanding client service is of the utmost importance. My vision is to make the difference in your bottom line. Your company will directly benefit from my 100% customer satisfaction approval record, zero substance consumption values, and great safe driving records. I also believe that my knowledge of job site safety practice, my ability to enhance productive working relationships with customers, and quality in workmanship.
Los Angeles, CA

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