Personal Assistant Cover Letter

Personal Assistant Cover Letter

Dear Business-Person-Seeking-Assistant,

I am sending my resume with excitement and the hope of creating a partnership as your assistant. I am a professional woman who believes in personal responsibility and keeping a positive outlook on life. I know how to communicate well on both a verbal and written level and can shift gears in an unpredictable situation with grace.

I have career experience in this work (I also happen to love doing it and do indeed have a heart of service!) and was an assistant to an art director for a nationally distributed magazine, as well as a film producer in his home for many years.

The art director I assisted at Frontiers, Mark Rakow, was so supportive of me that he gave me permission to quote him. “Lisa was very open to taking direction and always confident in offering creative solutions to various challenges. As one of the most reliable, responsible and gracious employees I have ever worked with, I would certainly not hesitate to work with her again.”

My Best,
Los Angeles, CA

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