Dr. Raza has headed department of Clinical Pathology for near 10 years as a Pathologist (2 teaching & 4 community hospitals) and a Rural Health Center as an officer in charge while he was in Pakistan.

In the States, he passed steps 1 & 2 of United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) and worked from November 1998 to August 2006 as Director Dermatological Research at Avlon Industries, Inc. (a cosmetic company). In this capacity, he had been involved in all stages of new product development, improving existing products, clinical trials, safety efficacy studies, claim substantiation and helping marketing and sales by conducting educational seminars, workshops and lectures in the field. His postgraduate specialization in clinical pathology and a master degree in public health with major in environmental occupational health sciences after completion of his MD further enabled him to prepare, review and amend documentation necessary for regulatory compliance in areas of shipping, material safety data sheet and the product label. He enjoyed working as an educator & instructor for the cosmetologists_ the target customer of his employer, both nationally and internationally (Europe, Caribbean & South America). He also supported marketing and sales by developing hi-tech skin and hair analysis technique and later demonstrating this during the professional education & trade shows to promote the products of his company.

In late August 2006, he resigned from his present job to move forward. He had been affiliated with several scientific societies. With his diverse background, he knows how to swiftly adapt in any new administrative-cum- scientific field after formal orientation and minimal guidance because he loves to meet new people and learning new things

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