Merchandiser, Buyer, product development

To whom it may concern

I currently hold a Bachelors of Arts degree in Fashion Merchandising and Production. From my previous work experience and education, I believe i am prepared nto be a valuable contributor to your company.
I am very willing to learn and contribute and i am very organized and am able to multitask. I am ambitious and reliable and it is shown i my daily work. I am aware of the tasks involved in this industry, as well as deadlines and meetings, and exhibitions that are part of this professional life. I understand the responsibilities and opportunities available and i would love for one of those whom you select to work for you.
I would love to meet you in person and talk more about job requirements and expand on my background. I can attach my resume, and i am available at your convience any day by email/ phone and would love to arrange a time to come in.Please feel free to call me at (508) 688-4110 to set up a get together that works for your schedule.
Thank You so much for your time and consideration Sincerley Angela Grasso
worcester MA

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