Mechanical Design Engineer

HR Recruiter,

My passed experience as Sr. Mechanical Engineer has allowed me to be keenly involved with customer interface along with vendor interactions and directions. This was achieved while upholding the highest quality of product in multidisciplinary fields. My people skills combined with excellent communication and presentation skills give me the ability to function quite effectively in difficult and highly visible situations. In conjunction with being an advanced ME I have held positions as Sustaining Engineering Manager and as Manufacturing Engineering Manager. Having held these positions has added to my versatility and knowledge base for a company that is involved with cutting edge technology.
My background includes the full cycle of mechanical engineering from concept design, specifications development, engineering documentation, and transfer to off shore factory. I have experience in the use of solid modeling applications including Solidworks, Pro-E, HP Solid Designer, AutoCAD, and in utilizing GD&T. My past experience has included prototype, pilot line and full scale production. In addition, I have designed components of machine parts, sheet metal and various plastic materials for automation equipment and have also designed enclosures for elector mechanical component packaging. Company production levels have been both high and low volume of various products.
I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how my skill set and background might fit in with your current needs. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. What would be the best time for us to meet?
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Scotts VAlley, CA

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You Might want to change Passed Meaning to toss to PAST as in history. 1st line 2nd word. I'm no English major by any means but I see it then it would be obvious to someone that does this for a living. GOOD LUCK!

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