Manufacturing/Product Manager

Hello, I offer a unique set of skills.

My Corporation eliminated all Divisional GM/Business Manager positions in June of 2002. I was a Divisional Business Manager, so I started a consulting company, CRoye, Inc. and I currently have a manageable clientele. Although as a consultant I am results oriented and maintain task direction, I sincerely miss the true, shared ownership that comes from within an organization. Therefore I am searching for an opportunity to help an organization gain management leadership. From my attached resume, you will find that I bring a unique and effective blend of organizational management skills and technical expertise. It has been my experience that my technical skills and experience have served me well in understanding the full scope of management responsibilities, including profit-driven goals. My senior management experience allows me to be an effective coach and motivator at all levels of management.
I believe that, in general, you manage people not numbers. People are responsible for generating the numbers and the team simply needs the appropriate feedback and motivation and established culture to successfully employ continuous improvement. I also believe that people are the Company’s most important resource and that it is Management’s mission to effectively develop, coach, discipline and hold accountable that resource in order to achieve success. It is true that the only difference between competing companies is management.

Thank you for your time,

Downingtown, PA

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