Hi Sir/Madam

I graduated from South Dakota State University in Industrial Engineering and Management Major. Working in manufacturing unit and having some great ideas to improve the process has always attracted me. I work for Daktronics,inc SD for almost 2 years in manufacturing unit and almost a year as Manufacturing engineer in India. Working in manufacturing environment helps me a lot in learning different process involved in manufacturing area. I worked in all different departments within this period like subassembly, metal shop, surface mount technology, silicon coating machines, paintshop, electronic assembly, video assembly etc. I learned lots of stuff in lean manufacturing. i learned how to deal with various manufacturing process. some time I was made team leader in the group to check work process and check with the quality. With Learning various fundamentals of manufacturing environment. I was assigned a manufacturing plant process improvement project. In which I was a team leader to the project. We were developing a process improvement solution for the company. During this development I learned various other manufacturing concepts like time study, workers study, and downtime and cost factors. Not only we developed the solution but I also have different kinds of ideas to improve the efficiency with reduction in downtime and with the increase in quality. My major Final project is totally related to the process improvement in manufacturing industry.i learned various concepts of six sigma, lean manufacturing concepts, and various other production standards.

I look forward to putting my knowledge and experience into practice in your company and if you think I can be considered for this position please plan to call me. I can answer any questions that you may have.

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