Machinist Millwright Supervisor

Dear Hiring Executive

My extensive experience in the petrochemical industry and my commitment to achieving the highest quality aligns extremely well with the position that you are currently advertising
I offer the unique combination of hands on experience, and supervisory leadership that ensures efficiency, and people oriented guidance that yields productivity. I can build and lead successful, goal-oriented teams of professional staff while overseeing schedules and resources for bottom-line results. Upon identifying key issues, I solve problems while embracing change and its positive effect on successful organizations.
I would like to be considered for a position in which someone of my background could make a contribution. Should you require any additional information, I can be reached using the contact information listed above.
Sincerely, Heinz D. Kloppenburg
Canon City, Colorado

This example was posted: 8/26/2010 10:27:55 AM EST

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