Lead Regional Sr. Clinical Research Associate

Dear whomever it may concern

I have several years experience monitoring in the field, both in pharmaceutical trials as well as pharmaceutical coated devices. I began as a study coordinator working in Phase I before moving into monitoring in the Phase II-III studies. I have been in a lead CRA position since May 2009 and am open to moving into management. I am interested in another lead CRA position with a possibility of moving into management if the timing and opportunity presents itself.
I have had the opportunity to deal with several difficult sites in my years and, unfortunately, had to shut down one of them for fraud. Many of my previous managers have complemented me on my professionalism dealing with various personalities and my ability to work so well in challenging situations.
I would like to continue to build upon my knowledge and experience to move into a leadership role that will benefit my personal need for a challenge as well as the company’s requirement for a strong, committed employee.
Chicago, IL

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