IT Infrastructure Management

Dear Prospective Employer

Over 20 years experience leading global implementations of System Development Lifecycle (SDLC) strategies managing IT Infrastructure Systems. Possess solid skills in planning, managing and shaping IT infrastructure, system architecture and database/application development. Broad technical background and demonstrated leadership abilities have been major contributors to the career success I’ve enjoyed over the years. Noteworthy achievements include: * HW Virtualization Studies; $10 million annual cost savings. Cost avoidance/savings approaching $10 million annually through performance assessments of legacy HW and identifying candidates for Virtual Machine solutions * Implemented a Midrange and EMC disk array realignment/decommissioning plan that generated over $1.4 million in annual savings in hardware alone. * Cost reductions associated with product licensing, tape backup and environmental management support approached $3 million annually. * Initiated security measures to manage change and provide a standard foundation upon which to launch each release cycle. * Driven by budget and staff reductions, led the automation of numerous labor-intensive processes that successfully maintained pre-reduction productivity while streamlining environment setup time.
Experience has taught me that technical skill alone does not guarantee success. I also offer imagination, decisiveness, adaptability, integrity, dedication to excellence and the critical ability to lead others in challenging situations.

Anna, TX

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