Investment Analyst

Dear LCG Associates, Inc’s Human Resource

I am interested in the position of investment analyst posted in Pepperdine University Alumni’s career network. I had a vision to start a new career associated with securities markets and investment management. First, I came to have keen interest in the equity market after I learned how to value common stocks in one of my MBA finance courses. Second, I would like to help people invest their money in stocks funds with my knowledge and integrity. Moreover, I have a long-term vision to manage funds for scholarships and to grant them to students who are academically excellent but need financial support. I think that a stock broker trainee would be a good starting point for me to start a career in investment management.
I am a former bank officer with extensive experience in asset/liability management, interest rate risk management, and economic research in Los Angeles, CA. My key responsibilities include implementation of the asset/liability system using bank’s general ledger, investment report, loan and deposit reports, and interest rate forecast and generation of monthly reports so that senior managers could make decisions about interest rate and asset/liability mix and strategic direction for the bank. I was continuously involved in forecasting interest rates and bank’s financial performance as well as researching and analyzing financial markets and banking products. My academic background includes an MBA degree with emphasis on finance and a Bachelor of Art degree in economics. I also took several accounting courses throughout my academic and professional career. As a result of my keen interest in financial markets and portfolio management, I have made progress toward the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation for further professional growth. Currently, I am a CFA Level 3 candidate.
I believe that knowledgeable individuals with integrity are the most important assets in any financial service firms. I strongly believe that I developed quantitative and analytical skills and character through work experience at banks and continuing education in the related areas for the past ten years. I learned to be a team player through various MBA group projects and developed interpersonal skills through interactions with branch personnel at the bank that I worked for and support to coworkers. I feel that my skills, strong background in accounting and finance, keen interest in the stock markets, and passion for learning would be a great match with the position in your company.
Sincerely yours,
Coralville, IA

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