Innovation Manager

My professional experience includes 12 years at Hallmark Cards in creative product development and management and 16 years of college teaching in the areas of mass media and society and media production.

As a writer, innovation manager and teacher my passion is to develop consumer understandings and insights in order to craft impactful messages that clearly engage, inform and clarify.

As a creative innovation leader I have a proven record of bringing multidisciplinary teams together to maximize the benefits of diverse insights for collaborative product development.

I am currently seeking a position in creative leadership that can best utilize my skills in team building and collaborative product innovation and messaging.

My strongest capabilities include the following:
• Creative Management
• Team Leadership
• Innovation Leadership
• Creative Talent Development
• Design Thinking
• Product Innovation
• Consumer Awareness, Empathy, Understanding
• Social Media Communication
• Creative Writing
• Effective and Impactful Messages Communication
• Mass Media
• Audio Production
• Effective Teaching

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