Human Resources Generalist/Recruiter

Dear Human Resources Department

Following the spring 2010 graduation of Colorado State University, I plan to pursue a career in the Human Resources department. I will have a Bachelors of Science degree from CSU with a focus in psychology. I will incorporate the skills that I have been taught into the field of Human Resources. I have particular interests in the generalist or recruiter positions of the field. Because of my vast training in psychology I know how to de-escalation situations through understanding the specific needs of a co-worker. I will excel in the Human Resources department.
The field of human resources offers a humanistic perspective to business in order to provide people with the benefits they deserve. As an individual with a psychology degree, I understand the essential needs of individuals and will provide a psychological aspect to the methods of human resources. I am in interested in becoming a recruiter in human resources because I have an excellent sense of character. As a recruiter I will provide departments in need of employees promising candidates with the desired business and social skills. I plan to combine my training of understanding individuals with the skills I will learn to provide the most qualified people to benefit the company.

Rachel Kimray
Fort Collins, CO

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