Human Resource

Worked for a non-profit organization for 27 years,
developing and leading programs and people locally, regionally, nationally and internationally in mission, vision, calling and strategic decision making.

Worked with a variety of nationalities, and am gifted in relating and understanding multicultural situations. I have lived in Zambia and traveled and worked in Uganda and Kenya. I developed a system partnering a US campus with international campuses, exposing college students internationally, helping to prepare them for a global society.
I am passionate about and naturally at ease relating and moving among different cultures

I love empowering people. I have been a life coach-mentor responsible for equipping emerging leaders for their positions. Created and led new initiatives on a National and International level.

I am well equipped in human resources: interviewing, hiring, firing, assessing, evaluating, performance reviews, and aligning employee gifting and abilities with job descriptions.

Traveled and assessed vision and mission of staff giving feedback to them and their supervisor

University of Nebraska-Lincoln: Co taught the Emerging Leader class (top 60 freshmen attending the University) and Freshman Orientation, The Odyssey Program retaining freshman, Women

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