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Today’s business climate requires that an HR executive possess very strong business acumen, have sound leadership capabilities, show initiative, be customer centric, and have unquestioned ethics. As a business professional, my previous CEO describes me as an “HR professional who ‘gets’ what the business is trying to do and what its culture is, how it makes money, serves clients and then builds HR Programs that meet the needs of the business, the executives, the clients and the employees.”
An HR executive must also be a coach and mentor. A General Counsel states that “there is simply no one better than Will at the employee mentoring and coaching that is needed to make a good company great.”
Behind these accolades is a set of accomplishments which are outlined in my resume. My experience spans multi-national companies, mid-sized multi-site/state organizations, and entrepreneurial start-ups with a focus on the service industry. As a leader and business partner, I have worked with senior and executive management around the country. I have coached and mentored executives and managers alike. I have created strategic and tactical talent acquisition/retention processes; worked on complex M&A projects; created a custom built mentoring program from the ground up; created and managed talent/performance management systems; managed compensation and benefits programs; developed recruitment campaigns and have a strong recruitment background; helped shape the culture of companies; benchmarked job criteria that leads to greater employee success; and influenced sales teams which resulted in closing deals. I have developed and facilitated training sessions on a variety of topics; have presented at industry conferences around the country, and am a published author.
Portland, Oregon

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I love this cover letter, maybe because I am partial to this profession. I am A human resource business partner in ethics and culture management. I would have like to see your informal and formal credentials in separate paragraphs. All in all….this one work for me…I will give you two thumbs up.

Anonymous reviewed this cover letter on Aug 19 10 at 7:33 pm

Covers all the important points well.

Anonymous reviewed this cover letter on Aug 19 10 at 8:22 pm

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