General Manager

As a Regional Manager with the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia (MEA

MEAG Power is a Generation and Transmission Joint-Action Agency responsible for delivering wholesale electric energy to 49 municipal systems across Georgia. MEAG Power is a co-owner in 2 coal-fired generating plants, 2 nuclear generating plants, and wholly owns 1 natural gas-fired generating plant. MEAG Power’s generation capacity is 2500 MWs. MEAG Power is also a co-owner in approximately 17,000 miles of an Integrated Transmission System (ITS) that covers the vast majority of Georgia. My responsibilities begin with working with the local municipal electric directors to determine their system’s load forecast, and then conveying that information to MEAG Power’s Generation & Transmission Groups. After the load forecast is obtained and delivered, it then becomes my responsibility to re-convey to the Participants the cost of any new generation and /or transmission facilities required to deliver the electric energy to the Participant’s Delivery Points. This normally requires meeting with the local electric directors and going over the details with them, and then meeting with the Participant’s governing bodies to explain to them what is required to deliver the electric energy to their citizens. After approval from the governing bodies, MEAG Power can then move ahead with the facilities necessary to provide our Participants with the required electric energy.
Part and parcel to this work is the development of the Annual System Budget and the subsequent monthly Billings to our Participants. It is my responsibility to coordinate a review with each of my Participants of their annual system budget, and answer any questions they may have regarding any of the budgeted items. It is also my responsibility to answer any questions that may arise after monthly bills are rendered based on the annual system budget.
MEAG Power is also actively engaged in Legislative Affairs. Climate Change Legislation, Green House Gas Legislation, Pole Attachment Legislation, FERC Transmission Issues, and EPA Green House Gas Findings are just a few of the issues that have been before our Participants, and will continue to be before them. As the first point of contact for our Participants, it is the Regional Managers responsibility to inform them of the potential impacts of the legislation on their citizens, and then convey their concerns to our Legislative Affairs staff, so staff can correctly represent our Participants to both state and federal officials.
Stuart H. Jones
College Park, GA

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