General Counsel or Senior Counsel


As General Counsel of the Leadership Team at Steel Technologies, I worked collaboratively with, and serve as the primary legal advisor to, senior management on all legal matters for the Company and provided guidance and direction reflecting good business judgment, strategic vision and substantive legal knowledge and expertise. I lead the legal and contract management organization and was in charge of handling all legal, regulatory and compliance matters.
As General Counsel of Steel Technologies, I partnered with internal customers, including members of the Leadership Team, project managers, procurement and finance to ensure ventures and business agreements support the business strategy and desired outcomes. I directed the legal team to ensure efficient contract compliance, change order management, cost and price analysis, risk analysis and performance. I served as the legal subject matter expert on matters relating to purchase agreements, vendor contracts and compliance requirements. I supervised and managed an attorney who prepare, respond to and monitor performance for key contracts and agreements. I also reviewed media releases, waivers, affidavits, and complaints and provided cease and desist letters.
I have extensive experience at Steel Technologies, Tosco and Exxon overseeing staff that support employment related legal activities such as policies, employment agreements, salary and bonus programs and employment claims and litigation. For over 10 years, I prepared corporate documents and assisted with preparation for board meetings and presentations. I also have reviewed master critical vendor contracts. I have been involved in contract administration including negotiations and interpretation. For over 10 years, I have overseen SEC compliance activities for Steel Technologies when listed on the NASDAQ. In addition, I effectively managed outside counsel and litigation/non-litigation proceedings. I have experience defending companies in administrative proceedings. Throughout my 22-year career, I have responded well to miscellaneous requests and special projects such as researching new corporate initiatives and corporate training, etc.
Sincerely, John Baumann
Louisville, Kentucky

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