Entry Level Cover Letter

Entry Level Cover Letter

The Flying Bear

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my proposal. Please allow me to begin with a very emphatic: There is neither risk nor downside to this proposal. Either your business will be the beneficiary of free consultative services, or your business will realize a net increase in revenue as a result of negotiated consultative services.

In concert with my colleagues at a Global 500 financial institution, we designed, developed and implemented changes to our business that generated over $100 million in revenue.

Beyond the very principled Prerequisites 1 – 6, and key to establishing internal credibility and sustaining the long-term health of the business, every proposed revenue opportunity must promote Customer satisfaction. I stake my professional reputation and personal integrity on demonstrating that generating more revenue and enhancing Customer satisfaction are not mutually exclusive objectives.

Kindest Regards

Traverse City, Michigan

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