Entry Level Cover Letter

Entry Level Cover Letter

Omni Architectural Designs

After almost 5 years of substantially growing distribution relationships all over the world, I am confident that with honesty, integrity, some grit, determination and hard work, revenue will grow.

By building relationships slowly and using truth as a guide, I was able to increase ALL my Distributor’s numbers every year. Working with folks in major International locations such as Paris, Tokyo, Worcester (UK), Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Rio de Janeiro,
Malaysia, and Taiwan communication was the key. Working daily to build trust and confidence and producing over and above their expectations, being attentive to THEIR needs, maintaining a strong sense of professionalism, and always responding in a timely manner (regardless of the time zone) produced far greater results than originally expected.

Building and growing relationships is my forte; I enjoy it and I hope to continue to aid companies’ growth in building respectful relationships throughout a given community. Whether in a world-wide or domestic situation, relationship and communication skills, paired with an outgoing nature and willingness to learn, I will be an asset to any organization.

Very Truly Yours

Zionsville, Indiana

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