Entry Level Cover Letter

Entry Level Cover Letter

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My superior analytical and interpersonal skills are surpassed only by my enthusiasm to effectively meet new challenges before me. After recently graduating with a Master of Community Development from Prairie View A&M University, I am seeking new and stimulating opportunities within a company that offers opportunity for learning and advancement. The enclosed résumé reflects a dynamic achiever eager to put knowledge and expertise to work in a fast-paced environment where performance affects the bottom line. As you will discover, I am a highly capable individual with over ten years of development and community experience. I’ve worked in the public and private sectors and I quickly trained and advanced through the ranks. Of the many attainments I have been fortunate to bring about, I am most proud of my unwavering commitment to community, and the effect it has had on my work ethic.

While working for Prairie View A&M University, I realized that my positive attitude motivates others to achieve higher levels of performance. This prompted me to start the Political Science Lecture Series, a collegiate program that utilizes members of the Texas House of Representatives to promote literacy of the state government through dialogue. As you can see there is no limit to my success in an environment that incorporates motivation through positive feedback and support.

I believe you will agree that my qualifications highlighted in the enclosed résumé amply demonstrate that I have the drive, track record of results, and experience that can contribute to your company’s growth.


Fresno, Texas

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