Engineering Manager / Director of Engineering

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

Achieving engineering business objectives is my forte. As a go-getter I have extensive experience in Engineering Management and Supply Chain development, especially in the manufacturing industry. Over the past 21 years serving in management and leadership positions I have refined my abilities to successfully lead teams, manage budgets, and improve and establish control processes in meeting and exceeding customer expectations.
To best summarize the value I bring to a company I’ve identified the following key credentials: Ø Professional Team Development across multiple disciplines, especially in engineering groups Ø Efficiency, quality and safety driven strategic planning and project execution to meet objectives Ø Operation and Manufacturing expertise in FDA and USDA controlled environments Ø Successfully standardization of Inventory Control Systems, forecasting and development of investment opportunities & growing markets Ø Development and Integration of objective quality management and safety systems with tracking programs Ø Incorporaton of outstanding interpersonal skills and consistent employee empowerment concepts to enhance ownership and personal values.
The visible results of my efforts to my employers are confirmation of my skills, dedication and commitment: Ø Certified operating plants by using repeatable processes to meet ISO 9001, PSM and TPM Ø Improved production efficiencies by 47% annually and secured employee retention by improving workstations and employee involvement in target oriented task teams (LEAN, 8D and 5S). Ø Designed, evaluated and integrated production equipment for business expansions and to meet companies business volume increase using sound engineering principles and strategies. Ø Managed and maintained a capital-spending budget of $5-25MM annually (about 40 capital projects annually, and an expense budget of 10 MM annually, managed projects in multiple plant locations).
Respectfully, Claus Graetz
Logan,UT 84321

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