Electronic Manager

Dear Sir, Madam,

My name is Remus Gaga and I am submitting my Resume for your review.
Currently I am employed by BNY Convergex in New York City, where I am the Manager of the Equities Electronic Trading Desk.
Due to lack of growth in my current post, I would like to apply for a Front-Office position with your Institution.
Here are some of my qualifications and duties at my current firm.
Our Desk supports the suite of electronic trading products that BNY Convergex offers its Institutional Clients from a business perspective rather than a technical one.
This includes Direct Market Access (through the Sonic platform), API connections from different Order Management Systems which include equity order entry lines to our smart routing servers and DOT lines to major exchanges, as well as lines that connect to our Algorithmic and our Crossing Engines. We also support the newly introduced Vortex system which offers our clients access to Hidden Liquidity Pools (Dark Books).
Once the client is installed and certified by the IT and connectivity departments, we become the first point of contact for them. We educate and assist them in how to utilize the product to its fullest potential, this ranging from ECN or Exchange order entry to Algorithms, Crossing and Vortex (dark pools).
In case the client is not able to trade on their own, this could either be due to them not being able to access their system, or if they are not sure how to work the order, we take over their trades and trade on their behalf.
We also assist clients in cases of bad fills or averages on their transactions. This ranges from us contacting the executing venue (ECN’s or Exchanges) to contacting our developers and see why an order did not behave the way it should have.
The other role of our desk is to assist the clients after the trade was completed. This entails allocating the trades, cancel and rebills or working with P&S in resolving trade breaks.
Although we interact with the technical side of the firm daily (development, QA, or Product Management), we are more of a trading desk than a technical support group and our duties are very similar to a trader’s in servicing the clients of our firm.
If you have any positions that you feel I may be qualified for, please take my Resume into consideration.
I am also licensed, having the Series 7, 63, 24 and 55 Licenses.
My current compensation is as follows: base salary of $80,000/year and a discretionary bonus, which was $13,000 last year.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

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