Director of Sales and Marketing

Dear Company xx

I am responding to your need for a Director of Sales and Marketing The value I offer your firm is based upon my ability and track record to enhance growth, increase sales levels, and develop new markets and products. I have over 15 years experience in, Marketing Management, Sales Force Management and Development, New Product Development / Launches and Product Management. I am currently the Director of Sales and Marketing for ParkOhio Products Some of my past accomplishments include: • Added 4 new accounts in first 18 months for a total of 3 million dollars of additional sales • Decreased dependency on automotive market from 98% of sales to 75% by finding new market opportunities and sales opportunities in the industrial, military and retail markets. • Increased sales $1 million dollars by focusing marketing efforts on top end-users, developing 6 new products, 3 new product lines and increasing minimum order requirements for custom made products. • Increased profits 32% through eliminating special pricing to customers that do not meet sales goals, working with manufacturing to increase productivity, interfacing with Materials Management to find new and better supplier sources, introducing high margin products, and pushing through price increase for 2004, 2005 and 2006. • Developed and introduced 2 new product lines per year through meeting with end users and identifying their problems then developing innovative solutions and training methods to solve those problems, accounting for $2 million additional sales. • Directed remarketing / reintroduction of 2 mature product lines with declining growth curves through sales contests, new end user focused marketing campaign, and minor product changes. • Introduced 9 new products in the span of one year, 5 of which were in the top 50 selling products and 3 of them in the top five, these new products accounted for 18% of total sales. Following year introduced 7 more products 3 of these became top 20 sellers.
In my current job, I am responsible for: • Managing sales and marketing teams, utilizing people management skills including delegation, giving feedback, promoting teamwork, and performance management • Developing detailed, realistic, and comprehensive marketing plans that support organizational objectives. • Identifying potential competitors, developing competitive information sources. • Setting strategic direction for products. Shepherding products through purchasing or manufacturing, development, QA, and launch, resolving issues along the way. • Influencing product development by gathering and analyzing product, customer, and operational requirements. • Developing sales strategies, techniques and tactics based on customer feedback and market environment. • Responsible for trade show management, print ad copy creation, web site copy creation and marketing/collateral material copy creation. • BS in Finance, BA in Business Management • Willing to relocate • Eagle Scout
I would like to hear from you regarding this position and determine if an interview may be arranged.
Bedford, OH

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