Director of Operations (Business Process Re-engineering


A dynamic, effective and knowledgeable Operations Executive with extensive experience in building, operating and maintaining wireless sites for two Fortune 200 companies, and implementing global information systems and communications standards for the Department of the Navy. Expert at introducing business process transformation/optimization initiatives and state-of-the-art technology to streamline systems and processes, improve efficiency and productivity, reduce costs, enhance quality, cut repair time, build teams and ensure safe, environmentally compliant operations. Demonstrated business and technical leadership with full P & L responsibilities. Obtains measurable results through an enthusiastic, participatory approach, and a focus on people development. Understands and is competent across all business functions and operations, and is a seasoned project manager, versed in all phases of successful project management, including technology-based projects, with cGMP knowledge. Excels in risk management, including crisis management, property protection, environmental and safety programs, business continuity, and network disaster recovery.
· Slashed costs by $9.5 million per year in the first 5 months of 2010 through vendor contract negotiations which leveraged national volume opportunities · Directed the planning, design and implementation of global information system support for the U.S. Navy’s Regional Maintenance Concept that saved in excess of $1.3 billion over the first 5 years · Cut $6 million in annual operating costs during the first half of 2010 by incorporating 3rd party traffic carrying repairs into vendor and financial management processes that reduced purchasing card use by 85% · Managed budgets of up to $72 million and up to 35 direct reports · Certification in Enterprise Risk Management, and as a Master Training Specialist by the U.S. Department of Labor · Top Secret Clearance (SCI), United States

Kendall Park, NJ

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