Hiring Manager:

I have distinctively broad capabilities with considerable functional, technical, and strategic depth. I specialize in management architecture, management improvement, organizational and production architecture, and enterprise architecture (OMB FEA and DoDAF). I typically operate from the “enterprise as system” perspective. I have often filled the “rare bird” positions dealing with “rescuing” organizations, programs, and projects, and dealing with extremely complex capability requirements, big picture modeling, big-picture to implementation detail analysis, modeling, and planning, and technical communication systems including terminology-management. I also specialize in “simplifying and resolving the complex and diverse”, and I have particular success at simplifying complex and complicated operations and processes.
I am highly qualified and experienced in establishing, designing, integrating, and improving the work methods and tools to meet requirements. I am also highly qualified to assess the mission, form the organization, determine the resource and capability requirements, plan and resource the capabilities, oversee the capability development, and implement the capability to result in full, effective, and efficient operational ability. I have succeeded in the full life cycles of leadership, management, business operations, management analysis, management improvement, organizational transformation, methodology and metamodel development and tailoring, technology acquisition and deployment, technology operations and maintenance, terminology-management-based semantic interoperability (for SOA), technical communication (terminology, writing, speaking, illustrating/modeling, editing, Book of Knowledge compiler (BOK) and Networked Knowledge Organization System (NKOS) compilation, organization development, and enterprise architecture.
My capabilities fit well as an internal corporate improvement leader, enterprise management services practice builder, an “executive” enterprise architect, an enterprise terminology engineer and manager focusing on semantic interoperability for metadata/data/services integration, or as a “meta” architect that defines and develops enterprise architecture concepts, methodologies, metaschema, and supporting technology-specifications. I have significant experience in implementing OMB FEA and DoDAF architectures. My meta-architecture approach leverages and integrates/unifies/federates the less complete OMB FEA, DoDAF, TOGAF, and Archimate as portions of a larger “enterprise intelligence-base”. My blended CIO- and CKO-oriented work has more focus on “information resources management” and “information science” than on “IT” resources and management. I have worked in the functions of training, security, operations, logistics, finance, productivity, information-resources (data, records, metadata, terminology/semantics, content), and information technology (LAN/WAN/IP networks, PC’s, software use, system/software requirements analysis).
Roy Roebuck
Burke, VA

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