Contracting Administrator/Procurement Specialist

Subject: Procurement Specialist

I was employed under this job series for 15 years with the United States Air Force from September 01, 1985 thru March 01, 2001 at Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio. However, this Air Base is no longer active. I have also received extensive contracting training with the Air Force at Wright-Patterson, and Lackland Air Force Base. Currently my 201 personnel file is stored with the US Government for further reference.
Based on my long experience and extensive training with the Air Force, I have the required basic knowledge and skill abilities to satisfy this position based.
I have continued to work in the contracting field by supporting the US Army in Iraq while employed with a Defense Contractor from January 01, 2005 thru July 2009.
Sincerely, Mark Ingle

San Antonio, Texas

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