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Being a pioneering leader who revitalizes corporations with a competitive edge, I develop progressive, embedded software development expertise in cryptography analysis and scientific programming. Championing multi-enterprise technical infrastructure enhancements, I achieve capital growth and launch cutting-edge technologies with leadership and innovation.
Mounting scientific computing, communication theory, mathematical aspects of algorithm design, and performance optimization, I pursue new challenges to produce capital improvement and technological advancements. Please consider:
• Sparking revenue $1M and market share 30%, authoring and launching software design and implementation for series of microcontroller-based, mid-range, cost-centric satellite TV receivers for domestic and Asia/Pacific market. • Actualizing algorithm development and integration expertise for cryptographic specifications; covering Suite-B (NIST) schemes including Finite Field Cryptography, Elliptic Curve Crypto, and Integer Factorization Crypto. • Directing execution of Galois Counter Mode (GCM) authenticated encryption project to seamlessly convert to hardware (FPGA) solution; revealing potential for parallel processing and patent application. • Sharpening voice processing techniques, utilizing leading-edge codec ICs for mobile communications INFOSECE product (SME-PED) initiative; inventing IO devices for codec and touch screen control and DMA-based audio processing.
Germantown, MD

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