Commercial Real Estate

Comprehensive Experience

I have a solid 30 years of experience in commercial real estate, with a working knowledge of office, retail and industrial properties. Every firm I have worked for has made tens of millions of dollars from my direct efforts. Now, I plan to move to Florida in April of 2010 (at my expense) and would like a position in a commercial real estate firm where I can make a contribution.
While I believe I am the best #2 man in the business, I would also be interested in a day-to-day property management position. At 56 I may not be quite as quick as I was at 36, but I know commercial real estate from the ground up. The projects, the analysis, the leasing, the management and accounting are all within my expertise. And I know how to handle bankers, and keep them happy even when things are not going the way they prefer.
My salary requirements are very realistic at $60K per year. As a conservative debt-free individual, this is more than adequate. I am moving to Florida as it is where my wife has always wanted to live.
Leesburg, FL

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