CMOS Memory IC Design and Product Engineer

Dear Hiring Manager

I have a strong background in CMOS Memory Circuit Design, Chip Architecture and Product Engineering, and a talent for Circuit and Device Failure Analysis. My outstanding hands-on experiences were achieved at the world-wide major CMOS Memory manufacturers, QIMONDA, MICRON Technology, MOSAID Technology, and HYNIX semiconductor for 18 years. I have an extensive and successful hands-on experience on Transistor-level Design for the most efficient Chip Architecture/Floor plan considering optimized I/O mapping in core array and data buses, high speed/low power, Data I/O block, Address signal Blocks for addressing and burst/latency control design on SDR, SGRAM, and DDR2 products. My knowledge on Full Chip Design Verification was best and creative enough to accomplish the design projects with reliable and robust performance in deadline. I controlled and took care of the whole tape-out process from Design Change to the Mask shop for PSRAM, SDR, and DDR. I achieved pioneered key performance in Device Failure Analysis on Functionality and Internal Signal problem, Process Control Data Analysis / Process Split experiment, Yield Improvement, Experienced in Wafer probe/Package Test/Burn-In Test Development, and Characterization for SRAM, SDR, DDR, RLDRAM, DCAM, and PSRAM. I led up to 3 teams in Circuit Design, Product Engineering, and Product Planning Team. Any design and product experts don’t have such an experience as I covered most critical phases of development from design start to customer support including qualification. I think my career definitely can help your Design Team and Product Development Team with the variety of my experience. My most recent work was 1G DDR2 Design Team Lead, 1G XDR Full chip Design Verification, Digital & Analog block Design/Simulation, and Design Failure Analysis at QIMONDA North America Corp in Cary, NC. I’d welcome getting together with you in person to talk about how your priorities for this position and my expertise can come together to benefit your product development.

Sincerely Yours
Cary, NC

This example was posted: 12/21/2009 6:44:34 PM EST

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