Clinical/Retail Pharmacist Cover Letter

Clinical/Retail Pharmacist Cover Letter

Dear Hiring Manager

As an experienced clinical and retail pharmacist, I have established a successful record of career growth in various health care settings for ensuring compliance with procedures, exceeding operational goals, increasing workflow efficiency, building patient relationships/loyalty, and attention to detail and priority. My resume highlights my qualifications and experience in both clinical environments and retail pharmacies that will differentiate me from other candidates. I’m confident that if hired, I would be able to quickly adapt to any new pharmacy procedures and software as well as build strong working relationships with staff members to ensure the achievement of the pharmacy’s goals.

My retail experience includes working with several major retail chains as both a Staff Pharmacist and Pharmacy Manager. Such chains include CVS and Rite Aid as well as experience working at one for the top five highest volume 24 hour Walgreens locations in the entire United States. In addition to this experience I have worked in clinical environments including hospitals,psychiatric facilities, and long-term care facilities where I’ve worked with pharmacy directors, P&T committees, multiple physician specialties, nurses and a diverse patient population. Many of the strengths I can contribute include pharmacy compliance, patient education, medical staff education, IV preparation, prescription verification/filing, drug interaction monitoring, and experience with infusion therapy.

Realizing that my resume can not fully communicate all of my qualifications, I would like to speak with you for an initial telephone interview to answer any questions you may have about my background, hear more about your facility, and discuss how my experience will make me a valuable addition to your team.

Sincerely, Lia Downs Harb, Pharm.D.

Although I currently reside in Knoxville, Tn., I am most open to relocating anywhere in the state of Tennessee, (or another state should the opportunity arise). My house is paid for, thus putting it on the market and waiting for it to sale, is an obstacle I wouldn’t have to face, in the event of my moving/relocating. My pharmacy license is, (and always has been), in good standing, I’ve never been fired from a job nor have I ever ‘walked off’ from a position either. In addition, I can provide, upon request, several professional references from previous employers/colleagues confirming my competency and professional work ethics.

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