Dear Sir:

My resume and a comprehensive summary of my experience and achievements can be found by clicking on the link. During an interview we could discuss how I might contribute to your organization.
I am a senior level association executive with demonstrated ability to plan/manage in dynamic & complex environments dealing with a variety of constituencies and relationships. I have an exceptional general management and operations background with a history of management solutions, resource development, operations, strategic direction and human resource management. My experience in business and association management qualifies me to serve as a skilled leader capable of focusing an association’s efforts to meet its goals.
My background also includes maintaining a high professional profile for organizations among the members, other related associations and organizational liaison with industry captains and public groups served by the association. As an association executive I am comfortable working in a dynamic, fast-paced, ambiguous environment and be able when necessary, to the ever changing needs of the organization and the constituencies it serves. Administratively, I direct the activities of a complex organization, administrative management of a work force, program development and application, financial resource management and convention & trade show management.
Ocean, NC
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