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I have an MBA education from the school of entrepreneurship and leadership development. I have spent four years as an entrepreneur in digital media and core content development doing r&d with market analysis trends, buying patterns and strategic partnership development. I have worked with C-Level executives and leaders in business, marketing, creative development and strategic alignment professionals. As an executive I have worked with CFOs and financial analysts on various financial documentations including cash flow tables, p&l statements, term sheets and even investment memorandums.
Most hours logged over the past 4 years include research and development in market analysis, high finance investment trends in interactive tech companies ranging from social media networking, immersive environments, and gaming developers. I also did analysis work prior to that in licensing and consumer product development. My area of focus was content assessment and analyzed technology trends and solutions including the advancement of ModSim initiatives within the DOD, engineering and energy sectors.
I think one of my biggest assets is that I have such a diverse background in r&d that it gives me a broader perspective and lens to analyze data and make correct assessments or perceive strategic opportunities. I have worked with several MBA grads that had little or no real world experience in many of these areas. Or showed little analytical processing and creative cross-application ability. Which I believe is essential to strategic planning and business development.
Suffolk, VA

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This was a specific cover letter written for a Senior Strategic Analyst position for a government contractor. I can modify and broaden it, just let me know it what areas of emphasis you think would be best suited for the positions that you are filling currently.

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Hello and good luck in your search,

This is a really good cover letter, if I were to change anything on it, it would be the negative reference to other MBA gradutates. It look slike you place high imoiortance to your education (mentioning MBA a couple of times in your letter). That is a good thing; however, your work experince is what the HR person is loking for, so concentrate on that area and move your education to the buttom of your letter. In addition, I would make the letter more personal, imagine the person who is reading it and address it to him or her as well as add a line that states: I have included my resume (cv if in the EU) for your consideration and will follow up with a call on (give exact date and time) to discuss futher.

The HR person will etiher call you or contact you to set up another time or to give you some kind of information. Please make suere that you call on that date and time as doing what you say you are going to do is very important.

With kind regards,


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