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I am a Business Solutions/Development professional with management experience in marketing, field operations and branding. With over ten years of experience in multiple facets of business I have learned that the best way to achieve success is to motivate the resources at hand, using well defined objectives that empower clients/business owners to succeed.
Ten minds are better than one, but the ability to focus those minds on achieving the same goal is what makes me a valuable asset. My management belief is based on integrity, quality, and service. With a positive attitude, an aptitude for strategic thought and planning, as well as the ability to adapt quickly to new ideas and situations has allowed me to achieve consistent successes across multiple industries.
I have worked with small business owners, franchisees as well as corporate owned locations. I have extensive knowledge of corporate and entrepreneurial personality and mindset. My ability to develop thoughts to a functional desired outcome, make me a very good candidate for the most business management/development positions.
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