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To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Tara L. Jones and my interest is to pursue a career in the innovation business industry utilizing my current skills in Auditing, Financial Analysis, Process Improvement, and Six Sigma. I have spent the last six years of my professional career in Business Development working as a Business Planning Analyst and Process Engineer. I enjoy my work in this field. I have a unique combination of technical, mathematical and business skills. These skills have been very helpful in the positions I have held. My technical skills have been useful in creating process maps, databases and macros to perform data analyses to support process improvements. My business skills have been helpful in understanding the need to stay focused on consumer driving improvements that affect the organization’s goals and objectives. Additionally my math skills have allowed a foundation working with finance in determining how much a project or product will cost and if current products are making a profit.

Of particular note for you and the members of your hiring team as you consider my skills; are my strong accomplishments in combining leadership and business acumen with technical practices applied to achieve and improve operation efficiencies internally along with improved materials and cash flow for the corporation as a whole.

Additionally, my accomplishments have been achieved by improving program scheduling, change management, and manufacturing processes along with improving cooperation between program management and manufacturing plant staff, within material planning & logistics. After ten years, I have a thorough understanding of program management, process improvement and the manufacturing side of modern businesses.

I am very interested to discuss possible opportunities within your organization. I feel my educational background and work related experiences enable me to quickly adapt and help any corporation.

I am available for interviewing at your convenience with you or members of your hiring team to see if we can establish a mutual interest.

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