Appraisal Department Manager

Dear Hiring Manager,

PLEASE NOTE: I’m sorry for greeting you in an impersonal way. I was not able to find your name online or by phone. However, when we meet in person, I promise to call you by name and I’m eager for that opportunity.

I am seeking a career position as an Appraisal Department Manager with a leading national company that is taking positive action to help resolve the current Real Estate lending issues through the help of improved appraisal review practices. I have 20 years of formal and continuing education coupled with solid business experience in management, marketing, appraisal and review, which have helped to hone my skills in the areas of critical thinking and analysis. I would like to take part in the changes, and be involved in the solutions taking place to help home owners enjoy their home ownership. My experience in management and marketing has lead to a successful career in lending and sales and appraisal reviews nationwide. My appraisal and review experience includes residential, as well as, commercial property appraisal and review; it also includes review of environmental hazards… On the appraisal review side of the business, I have worked both the front-end (production,) and the back-end (investor sales,) and re-purchases (work out). I have managed appraisal and support staffs in excess of 65 people and on a national basis. I am open to several different job assignments, and would consider relocation based on the opportunity presented, and salary requirements are completely open to negotiation.

I look forward to meeting with you, and discussing where and how I will fit into your organization to support and improve productivity and the bottom line. Please take a few moments to read and review my resume.

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