VP Operations

Would your company benefit from an experienced VP of Operations who positively influences the bottom line while raising productivity and maintaining the highest quality standards? If so, please read on.

I have worked in large and small companies, providing vision and direction to manufacturers of diverse products. Controlling costs at every level, I am adept at delivering key projects that meet corporate objectives to enhance sales, revenue and profitability. I lead by example, mentoring top-producing teams.

My skills are in strategic planning, production and distribution. I ensure quality, compliance and proper resource management using numerous methodologies such as Lean, CPI, JIT, and Kaizen. I have expertise in ERP / MRP systems, inventory and materials systems, and APICS.

Titles I have held include VP of Operations and Quality, but I have also spent years working in supply chain, materials and IT. Additionally, my varied background has exposed me to a very wide range of industries and production environments, including aerospace, medical devices and computers.
Much of my success can be attributed to my creativity and leadership skills. I am analytical and innovative, always open to exploring alternative solutions to thorny problems. I quickly build consensus among management and team members to facilitate the implementation of new initiatives and programs.

My qualifications include an MBA from the University of Arizona and a BA in Management from the University of Phoenix. I hold many certifications, including APICS’ CFPIM, CIRM, and CSCP, as well as several instructor certifications.

I look forward to demonstrating how I can assist your company in meeting current and future goals. Please call at your earliest convenience.

Yours truly,

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