VP of Marketing / Executive Director

To Whom It May Concern

I request your careful consideration as the Executive Director for the [____]. I am confident in my abilities and I know my dedication and work ethic will provide a strong support to your organization. As Executive Director of Utah Common Values, I came to understand the many aspects of managing a nonprofit organization. My primary objective was not only to hire a staff of political organizers, but also train future leaders and teach them all facets of campaign management and community outreach. With my advisory committee, I was able to help manage and fundraise $1.2 million dollars. I traveled the state and spoke extensively to large audiences of constituents and potential donors, sharing a long-term vision of what Utah politics could become.
My experience at the State Capitol enabled me to learn from and develop relationships with Senators and Representatives on both sides of the aisle, to help pass meaningful legislation. I also worked with candidates outside of the Capitol after the Legislative session to help raise money for upcoming races and organized several fundraisers for their state campaigns.
As a current National Director of Marketing and my years in advertising sales, I understand all aspects of marketing, including traditional media outlets and today’s online networking strategies and social media marketing. I have always maintained excellent relationships with my clients and am on hand to walk them through the process of building their business and using the most efficient means to increase sales and customer loyalty.
Sincerely, Tracy Van Wagoner
Bountiful, UT

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