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Dear Ladies/Gentlemen:

I am a corporate change agent. My career depicts a record of progressive success propelled by a continuous series of value-focused initiatives, predominately within two multi-billion dollar diversified holding companies with an integral involvement in multiple disciplines including investor and rating agency relations, M & A, corporate finance and financial planning & analysis, all for large market cap institutions; the last of which became the most successful IPO of a mutual company in Wall Street history (PFG) where I conceived, developed and implemented all facets of the investor relations function. IPO price $18.50 per share, reaching $70.00 per share with a market cap of $17+ billion.
The depth and scope of my skill-set is best illustrated by my integral involvement within public holding companies engaged in more than 17 different financial services businesses, including multi-billion asset management operations (wherein I created a portfolio optimization platform for a $42 billion general account across 97 distinct asset classes). Further experience considerations in my background include extensive financial modeling & analysis, presentations, a demutualization (IPO), reengineerings, divestitures, acquisitions, a target of a hostile takeover, proxy fight, company auction, execution of multiple stock repurchase programs and issuance of corporate bonds and crisis management. Reported to 4 CFOs and CEOs in my career with reporting responsibilities to the board of directors.
A summary reflecting the scope and depth of my experience across multiple industries is reflected below: Asset Management & Accumulation Business Retirement Products Including Pensions & 401(k) Administration Mutual Fund Industry National Securities Brokerage Operations Multi-line Commercial Property/Casualty Insurance Multi-line Personal Property/Casualty Insurance Commercial Reinsurance Group and Personal Life and Accident & Health Insurance Managed Care Medical Audit Services Commercial Loss Control Services Financial Guarantee Industry Commercial Factoring Industry Investment Banking/M & A/Divestitures/Spin-offs Internet Retail Banking Services Mortgage Banking Industry Executive Retirement Benefit Programs
Clive, IA

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I only ask that any feedback be genuinely honest and brutally candid.

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Great letter… used ""scope and depth" twice ("reflecting the scope and depth of my experience" and "The depth and scope of my skill-set…"

Very clear, very results driven.

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