Vice President of Operations

To whom it might concern;

I am seeking an opportunity to drive a rebuilding or launch a manufacturing operation that would incorporate all the lean practices as the site an possibly handle. My goal is to be interactive in the conversion and at the same time build the site leadership such that the lean practices can’t slip. The site leadership team will be determined to constantly challenge and together focus on what drives business success.
Some of my specific accomplishments include: * working with new ownership’s cultural expectations and getting everyone on board. * reaching better then financial business plan results even in recession of 2009 * developing front line supervisors to become more dignified with increased focus on results * establishing a zero ppm mind set by increasing process robustness, pushing for and getting design changes, dilligent follow-up on identified tasks and getting cross functional teams to take ownership of a project until fully approved by the customer. * identifying waste and then work through the site leadership team to eliminate that waste with many proven tools: workshops, manufacturing engineering assignment and being their sensei, simple metric monitoring/visual factory and even major changes to the value stream as far as different euipment and arrangements.

Saint Joseph, MI 49085

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