Vice President of Construction

Dear Hiring Manager;

I’m a Professional Engineer with executive level experience with Archon Group (a Goldman Sachs Company, and Crescent Real Estate Equities. I’m also a veteran, having served in the US Army Corps of Engineers, where I attained the rank of Major.
Some key accomplishments as Director of Construction Services at Archon Group include: • $100 M Waldorf Astoria Hotel & Spa development in Park City, UT. • 2,500,000 SF of retail development nationwide. • Completed construction on $220 million loan foreclosure of the Downtown Dadeland Condominium and Retail mixed use development in Miami, FL. • Assessment, development of specifications, and repair of cracked structural concrete beams at a Florida Marriott.
Key accomplishments as Director of Engineering at Crescent Real Estate Equities include: • Directed engineering and environmental due diligence for acquisitions totaling over $15.0 billion of Class-A office, luxury resort, hotel, health care, and industrial properties. • Directed the environmental cleanup of a Brownfield property $700,000 under budget. • Saved $100,000 for Pier 1 Imports by solving a troubling roof problem. • Remediated a Brownfield site $750,000 below budget.
Best regards,

Dallas, TX

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Good introduction. The veteran comment is OK but the rank is not helpful without a time frame. It woul dbe better to state why being a vetran is an advantage like trained leader, decision maker..

There seemed to be too many accomplishments and it is easy to get lost in them. Two or three of the best for each category should be enough to encourage the reader to look at the resume.

The letter ends abruptly and a closing statement or call to action would be helpful.

Anonymous reviewed this cover letter on Mar 24 11 at 4:58 pm

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