Vice President / Director

Thank you for your recent emails expressing interest in my career search.

I offer a unique combination of skills and experience in program management, business development, business operations, supply chain management and customer engagement within domestic and international markets. I have worked senior leadership positions where I consistently perform beyond expectations by ensuring performance, controlling costs and maintaining schedule, thus ensuring customer satisfaction. My most recent accomplishment was successfully leading a $48 million international licensed production program which upgraded the fire control systems on Japan’s fleet of multiple launch rocket systems for Lockheed Martin Corporation, the world’s largest defense contractor.
I can build and lead successful, goal oriented teams of professionals while managing budgets and resources for optimal bottom-line results. I have turned start-up and unprofitable operations into profit-makers. I effectively and aggressively solve problems while embracing change and its positive effects on successful organizations. As an active advocate for the customer, I have a passion for excellence, intolerance towards failure, and devotion to success while managing with an individual acceptance of responsibility.
My goal is to find a leadership position located in the southeastern portion of the United States, preferably near the coast. The ideal position would be one in which I am challenged and my efforts would contribute directly to the success of the organization. I am willing to relocate and travel extensively.
Mansfield, Texas

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