Vice President, Director, CMO


I saw a job listing on online and it was everything I have been seeking in a position. Having delivered exponential revenue growth and sky-rocketed the marketing impact of a wide variety of consumer-facing brand, I think the a position with Digital Strategy /Brand Planning would be a great fit for my skill sets
My unique background combines acknowledged expertise in aligning social media and new media marketing strategies with traditional marketing and communication techniques and the valuable perspective of a former editor for forward-focused, print and online lifestyle publications. I am a creative innovator and use disruptive innovation tactics to help create visibility. A sample of my achievements includes As you can see, I am equipped with exceptional skills in strategic marketing, branding, working with cross-functional teams, creating unique campaigns that deliver innovative benchmarks that other brands and companies aspire to achieve.
• Pioneered bridging between the internet & brick & mortar stores leading to more ecommerce from established chains. Lead the team that built and serviced a client portfolio including Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdale’s, Barney’s, Sephora,, and a major cable television network gaining visibility, engagement and consumer participation. Individual Event revenue ranged from $5,000 to $14,700 depending on length of event. Bloomingdales saw a $60,000 sales increase by per sale associate in 1 calendar year. Revenue increases in cable television channel were nearly 2% • Innovated the use of streaming video on the web for fashion, beauty, skincare, travel and lifestyle brands • As a consultant to, an online advertising/internet agency, we met the 3 month campaign consumer engagement goal in just over 3.5 weeks and by the end of the 3 month campaign had exceeded the goal by 90% thus generating a dramatic increase in sales¸ due primarily to my WOM, social engagement tactics. • Consistently drove increases in social media engagement and SEO metrics including driving 300% growth in visitors; exponential growth in visits (over 700%) to a new blog in just 18 months. Ad revenue grew by 15% year 1, doubled in the year two. • Created innovative strategy for a Fitness Professional’s blog that increased her traffic from 300 hits/day to 4000 hits/day in 2 ½ weeks. • Consistently exceeding goals for profit generation and market exposure with a proven record of success in delivering measurable results in marketing and advertiser recruitment campaigns. • Serving as a knowledgeable, media-savvy product spokesperson for TV, print, radio, and online video and as a blogger and Web content developer for various brands, most recently McAfee and social media expert for
Sincerely, Stevie Wilson
Long Beach, CA 90803

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